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Born Barnstaple, North Devon, England in 1952.
Lives and works in New York and England.

MUSCLE FILMS Michael Coulson was part of a new wave of graphic artists and punk filmmakers in London and, in a partnership with artist/filmmaker Nichola Bruce, founded Muscle Films, a film and television company, producing offbeat programming for British TV and cinema. Coulson and Bruce created paintings as the starting point for their films and later developed scripts from the images.

KRUDDART Michael also founded Kruddart with Nichola Bruce, a design company producing anarchic, collage-based material.

PETER GABRIEL In 1992 Peter Gabriel, who admired Coulson and Bruce’s Human Face documentary, invited them to co-ordinate the release of his US album. In a highly original approach to record marketing campaign they collaborated with artists Helen Chadwick, Rebecca Horn, Nils-Udo, Andy Goldsworthy, David Mach and Yayoi Kusama, to create original artworks for each of the 11 songs on the multi-million selling CD and documented the process on Hi-8video. Bruce left Real World and Coulson continued with the campaign, using the documentary background material as the basis for promotional videos, a long form video: All About Us and interactive media.

REAL WORLD From1993-1997 as Creative Director for Peter Gabriel’s Real World company, Coulson helped set up a design multi media company for Real World. He worked closely with Peter Gabriel and oversaw the design and production of all visual material, developing poster campaigns for WOMAD and art directing CD and packaging design for Real World Design.

INTERACTIVE MEDIA From1993-1997 as Creative Director for Real World, he developed new forms of innovative digital interactive entertainment, including “Xplora”, with Steve Nelson of Brilliant Media, one of the world’s first music CD-ROMs which one 12 international awards and was seen as a step towards a new musical form, “Radio Real World”, the first website for Peter Gabriel, and “EVE”, a music and art adventure game which merged the worlds of art, music and science, produced with Paul Allen’s Starwave Corporation in the USA, for which he won the highest awards given by the industry, including the Milia D’or Grand Prize at Cannes 1997.

THREE HUMANS INC In the late 1990s Coulson split his time between New York and the UK and formed Three Humans Inc in 2001, a company which produces creative programming for film, television, and interactive media.


“Michael is an artist and director with extraordinary talent and an individual vision”.
Peter Gabriel.

“In its ten year history Real World has garnered critical and popular acclaim, not only for its great music but also for its hallmark of strikingly elegant
packaging – and this unmistakable visual style has evolved through the guidance and singular sensibility of Michael Coulson”.
Cheryl McEnaney. RW records U.S. Label Manager

“His project Eve was of particular interest to the college, combining the disciplines of Art, Science, and Contemporary music in a remarkable new form of media on CD ROM. In fact one of the reasons his work is of interest to students at institutions such as the Royal College is because of its ground-breaking and innovative nature which are a great positive influence for young people”.
John Hewitt. Senior Tutor Royal College of Art

“I have only praise and support for you and your work. You did a knock out job with our dvd. I am happy to give you five stars and two thumbs up have anyone call me anytime”.
Jenifer Fox. Head of Purnell School


Feature Films
2000 Vital Space (Interactive feature film)
2000 It’s the Rage (special effects)
2000 Michael Jordan to the Max (special effects sequences)


1991 The Human Face, feature documentary, BBC
1991 A Week or Two in the Real World (additional sequences) BBC
1992 All About Us, Virgin
1995 Songs Under a Big Sky, National Geographic
2002 Songs Under a Big Sky
2003 East West


1974 Band on the Run
1978 Breath of Air, BBC
1983 Boolean Procedure, GLAA
1984 Clip, GLAA
1984 Photo Photo Photo (producer), Muscle Films
1985 Wings of Death, BFI
1993 Art From Us (multi screen)
1995 Adam Swatch
2002 Avon
2003 Boomer Coalition
2004 Cooper Union Builds
2005 The Cooper Union
2007 Discover Purnell
2007 Three Films about Francis Bacon, BBC, The Estate of Francis Bacon


Peter Gabriel - Brit Awards show UK (1992)
Peter Gabriel - Grammy Awards show, Hollywood (1992)
Secret World Live - Digital Hollywood Awards, best live performance world touring show (1995)


1985 Arena, Duran Duran (sound design)
1992 Brit. Awards show UK. Grammy Awards show L.A. (live tv shows)
1993 Blood of Eden, Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor
1993 All About US (long form)
1994 Yo Le Le, Papa Wemba
1994 Sad Song, Papa Wemba
1994 Lovetown, Peter Gabriel
1995 Secret World world tour (video projections)
1995 Across the River, Peter Gabriel, WWF
1996 Daddy’s on Prozac (producer), Joseph Arthur
1996 Happiness is, Yungchen Lhamo
1998 Release, Afro Celts
1989 Asian Vibes, Joi
2006 Play, Peter Gabriel


1993 Xplora, Peter Gabriel
1995 EVE, Peter Gabriel, Starwave
2001 Digital Club Festival


1974 Movie Maker Award, Band on the Run
1978 BBC UNESCO Award. 16mm film. “Breath Of Air”
1982 “Boolean Procedure”. 16 mm film. London Film Festival
1984 “Clip” 16 mm film. Edinburgh, Bilbao. Melbourne, film festivals.
1986 'Wings of Death'. 35 mm film. Winner of prizes at festivals throughout Europe. Berlin Film Festival. Edinburgh festival. 1st prize cinema of the fantastic in Sitges Spain.
CHANNEL FOUR TV screening in the UK.
1992 BAFTA Nomination. “The Human Face.” 1 hour documentary for BBC television.
1992 Official Selection, Banff Film and television festival
1998 “The Human Face” featured in Laurie Anderson retrospective at the National Film Theatre London.
1993 Xplora 1 CD-ROM, winner of 12 awards world wide, the world's largest selling music CD-ROM.
1995 DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD Awards. Best live performance “Secret World” world touring show.
1996 Winner: The MILIA D'OR GRAND PRIZE Cannes Festival. “EVE”
1997 BRITISH INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ASSOCIATION award for best entertainment CD ROM, best graphics, best animation
1997 OMNI Award. Bronzes for best entertainment, best interactive audio.
2000 “It’s The Rage” 35 mm film. Toronto International Film Festival
2000 GOLDEN REEL Award. “Vital Space.” Interactive feature.
2001 LARGE SCREEN & MAC award. “Michael Jordan to the Max” IMAX film.
2001 GOLDEN REEL AWARD: Best Sound Editing - Special Venue
2007 Gold CASE AWARD, “Discover Purnell”


Feature presentation, Communications for a Converging World Symposium: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada (1998)
Invited speaker Greenpeace conference New York (1997)
Guest speaker: Banff Interactive Media Conference, Canada(1996-97)
Feature speaker at Oberhausen Film Festival Germany, Evolution of the Music Video (1996)
Various lecture engagements at: Royal College of Art, Middlesex University, Medway College of Art, Maidstone College of Art, Bristol University (Time-based media course), UK (1980s - 90s)